About Us


Always Improving

Africans Funding Africans Limited (AFA) is a consulting company based in Ghana, that was established to deliver on the founder’s to activate capital from the African Diaspora and the global community to drive the development of businesses and economies in the African continent. 

The company is the brainchild of Happy K. Djebou, a seasoned entrepreneur who is based in Denmark and Ghana with business interests in various parts of the globe.

The company’s team is made up of experienced professionals and entrepreneurs with expertise in different fields.



Our community is fast increasing past +5k Members


Regular opportunities for members to pitch

Business Consulting  

Assist business owners with comprehensive business plans

Marketing Consulting  

Marketing, media and advertising services  

Funding Proposals  

Quality opportunities with potential

Risk Analysis

Identify all risks factors inherent in the business or project requiring finance

Advisory Services

Potential funders or investors receive viability of proposals with the most potential

Strategic Partnerships

On-the-ground-knowledge of Africa, established mutually beneficial and financially viable partnerships


Facilitate, Accelerate, Collaborate

Our mission is to facilitate access to finance for businesses and entrepreneurs in the African continent efficiently and effectively by leveraging the teams expertise and networks and by collaborating with global partners.

Skills Building

Our mission is to improve the skills of every community member and bring value to their innovative ideas, giving them the ability to gain the needed traction for their projects.

African Wide Supply Chain Network

Our mission is to consolidate all Supply Chains in Africa under one initiative and go-to-marketplace.


Activating Capital Flow on the Continent

The company’s vision is to activate capital from the African Diaspora and the global community for the development of businesses and economies in the African continent.

Connecting Diaspora Communities

Our vision is to harness the intellectual capacity of people within the Diaspora and beyond, to facilitate skills transfer and mentoring to enhance and strengthen human capital in the African continent.

Happy K. Djebou, CEO

Happy is the founder of the company. He has extensive experience in the advisory services to companies investing in Ghana and the emerging markets of West Africa. Happy is based in Denmark and Ghana.

Queku Abeiku, COO

Queku is a marketing, media and advertising expert and entrepreneur. He is based in Ghana.

Cynthia Alozie, HRO

Cynthia has extensive experience in the marketing and insurance sectors with a strong legal background. She is based in Lagos, Nigeria.

Deli Mti, CRO & CFO

Deli is a seasoned banker and a credit risk management specialist with over 20 years experience in the banking sector. She is based in Johannesburg, South Africa.